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What's wrong with semiconductor manufacturing?
3D XPoint - Reality, Opportunity, and Competition
SSD vs. HDD - The Final Round
What's wrong with 3D NAND?
3D IC - Opportunities, Challenges, and TRUE 3D IC
3D Super NAND vs. Other 3D NANDs -
Functionality and Reliability
Storage Class Memory - Reality, Opportunity, and
3D Super-DRAM - Simple and Ultra-Low Cost
Close to R.I.P. of 3D NAND
As planar NAND faced scaling limitation, NAND has been successfully transformed from planar to
3D. Though, cost-per-bit of 3D NAND is still higher than that of planar NAND. At the market, 3D
NAND-based SSDs are being sold at about 13% to 36% higher price than planar NANDbased
SSDs. You may wonder when,…
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